art for your most lived in spaces

Styling your living spaces or office environment isn't always an easy task.  Choosing elements that tie together is half the battle, but selecting art that exhibits your personal brand or style, but still has the right "feel" takes considerable practice.  

At Limn House, we know that choosing to commission an artist is a big decision.  It's an investment, but it's also an opportunity to work with someone directly to design your space and create an atmosphere with just the right amount of emotion, movement, and color. 

This Fall, Limn House is launching a more systematic approach to selecting artwork for your most lived in spaces.  This package will guide you through creating a custom commission for your space within your ideal budget and will take the guess work out of working with an artist.

Working with Limn House means you like our style.  You want some movement, texture, and probably a pop of color to brighten up your interior.  Your home is bright and airy with natural light, or you'd like it to be (we can help you).

If you're interested in learning more about our commission process, join our mailing list to receive updates about our official launch.  And if you're itching to get started, contact Katie in the link below to dive right in.  We are so excited to discuss how to bring some art and design to your life spaces.