A Colorful Showcase Painting for Jeff + Andrew


When one of my best friends from high school asked me to paint a showcase piece for his new place, I of course said yes!  Jeff just moved in with his sweet boyfriend Andrew and created a dreamy and super stylish apartment full of deep grays, blues, and hints of yellow.  Basically, some of my favorite color combinations.  


Jeff and Andrew wanted a big piece over the main part of their living space.  And as big Columbus fans, they drew in a lot of inspiration in from the city.  After talking through some ideas for the piece, I moved away from watercolor for once and bought a giant canvas for the occasion.  I hadn’t worked this large since college and it was such a fun and freeing project.  


I used a couple Columbus skyline references and took a mixed media approach to completing this piece, trying to pull in as much of those base colors in their decor as I could to really tie the room together.  

After a few coats of acrylic as a base, I switched to oil paint, some graphite, and then a few layers of oil pastel and there might even be some white spray paint in there.  It was a fun experimentation.  Thank you to Jeff and Andrew for allowing me some creative freedom.  


We hung this up Thursday afternoon, stepped back and wow -- it really brightens up the space.  Such a fun project!  


Jeff and Andrew, enjoy!

If you’re looking for custom show-stopper, please get in touch.  I’d love to work with you.