A Shout Out to Girl Power

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I wanted to highlight a new art print coming to the Limn House Shop.  This one is really special to me.  I think I’ve redesigned the text about 7 times now, I just wanted this design to shine!   The prose is a sweet sweet poem I wrote a few months ago that really strikes a key to my heart about empowerment and going after your dreams.  I get discouraged entirely too often.  I find it easy to compare myself to other women in my field and feel like I’m lacking.  I become discouraged when I have 100 more steps to take before I can reach the next big goal.  And I often feel envious about where someone else is on their journey.  I have to remind myself that I can chase my dreams and have big goals, continue on this path and celebrate how far I've come on this journey, right here and right now.  We need to trust and empower ourselves to keep going and rock it on our own paths, our own journeys, ladies! 

The print is available for pre-order in the Limn House shop (as well as the new line of greeting cards and art prints).  New products will begin to ship mid-August.  Have a fantastic Tuesday and continue diving after your dreams!