Find Universal Signs In Your Life

One thing I’m considerably bad at is making really concrete decisions and following them through.  My husband can attest to this.  It takes me time to iron out all of the little details until it finally “feels” right, and sometimes I question the final decisions over and over again, constantly looking for other options, other ideas and never actually settling in.  But, those are extreme cases, sometimes I just feel the good decisions in my bones and know my way forward.  And I’m a big cheesy believer in universal signs that help guide life’s decisions.  

When I was in high school, I dragged my mom to about 8 or 9 colleges, evaluating each one, getting the feel for their art programs, costs, college life, dorms, environments, proximity to home, ironing all of those details and weighing them against one another.  I ended up applying to about 4 schools, was accepted to all of them with scholarships, but just couldn’t decide between two of them.  I was taking a Saturday class at one of the schools before my final enrollment decision was due. The studio building was basically a giant warehouse on the edge of campus that had windows spiraling the building and viewing out towards downtown Columbus.  I had been there many many times, but in this instance, I went to the bathroom, peered through the small window in that room and there it was: a giant billboard with the words “if you’re looking for sign this is it”.  Of course, it was an advertisement for the billboard, but it was staring me in the face and suddenly my decision felt lighter, airy.  I didn’t choose that school immediately in that moment, but I did eventually.  That very literal sign still resonates with me when I make big decisions today.

The past couple of months have included some of the most challenging decisions in my life.  I can’t say that I’m completely settled in, but I can say that I’m finally feeling good and grounded.  I was in a yoga class on Saturday and during a meditation, the instructor guided us to find one word that described how we felt in that moment and the first word that came to my mind was “steady”.  That’s really how I feel -- steady.  Steady in my decisions and not constantly questioning them anymore.  

After noticing a lot of little signs that led me to ultimately make the big decision to jump towards Limn House full time, I began noticing a sweet pair of cardinals chirping outside my office window for weeks on end.  They hung around our back patio, chirping in the trees, perching on the chair outside my office window everyday, popping up when I needed an encouraging reminder.  After seeing them so often, I read a little bit about cardinal symbolism. Their bright red color reminds us to stand taller and step into our natural confidence and to find light and hope in the dark days and energy in the bright days.  I needed that symbol of hope those few weeks when I felt so low.  Recently, I’ve noticed the pair hasn’t been hanging around here, but I haven’t needed them. They’ve moved on to inspire someone else.

As I’ve been building up new products for my shop, these experiences have been small reminders to have faith in my decisions.  I created a few new cards to reflect on universal signs and offer encouragement, which I hope you enjoy.  They’ll be in the Limn House shop at the beginning of August.  Join our mailing list for our our product launch announcement!

What universal signs have you experienced?