Fall Calendar Design for Hopkins Printing + A Free Printable!

Over the Summer, I was chosen by Hopkins Printing as their featured artist/designer for their quarterly calendar.  Each quarter, an artist or designer designs their calendar, and the calendars are printed and distributed to all of their clients.  It was so fun to work on these!  I had a hard time dreaming up Fall in the heat of the summer, but came up with three options to choose from.

They chose the bear, of course!  

Hopkins even sent me this beautiful framed version - which is bigger than my torso!  So nice of them!  

Such a pleasure, Hopkins Printing.  I loved collaborating with you!

As a fun giveaway to all of you, I’m offering free printables of the bear illustration through the end of the year.  

Click below to download away!  Happy Fall, ya’ll. :)

My Re-Imagined Wedding Suite

My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary at the end of June.  Planning a wedding is a whirlwind.  It was a crazy and hectic time in my life as I balanced work and wedding planning.  But as I remember those days, weeks, and months leading up to that day, I have a lot of fond memories. 

Our day definitely wasn’t perfect.  The weather blew in this crazy rain and temperatures dropped into the high 50s for my outdoor, late June wedding in Ohio.  You would never know from the pictures, but it was definitely unexpected weather.  All of the little details I spent so much time on, like centerpieces and decor, were not able to be set up because of the crazy wind.  

But, you know what?  It didn’t matter.  The day was so fun.  

As I was working on some portfolio samples for Limn House's wedding and calligraphy services, I decided to take a revised approach on our own wedding invitations.  I designed our first wedding suites, but they didn't have as much spunk and illustration as I would have loved to include.  

I asked myself a couple of questions:

  • What elements of our wedding did I really love and want to show off?  
  • Looking back, what would I change?

Our wedding was pretty laid back because of the changing circumstances of the weather.  My hair went flat; my bridesmaids were freezing cold so we all wore mismatched sweaters over our dresses; my dress had mud caked into the train at the end of our ceremony; I danced like crazy and ruined two different pairs of shoes in the mud.  But I loved all of that.  We had a band, and everyone hung out in my parent’s backyard all night.  It was laid back and fun and really just felt like us.  

(All wedding photos by  George Street Photography )

(All wedding photos by George Street Photography)

I wanted to bring that laid back quality to our invitations. They didn’t need to be completely pretty, just a little smudged and rough around the edges.  Our colors were grey, white, and a peachy pink, so I used my simple palette to create a few illustrations and watercolor washes.  I created one portrait of Yosi and I and a simple lace design element that I could use in various ways through the other invitation components like RSVP cards and Accommodation cards.  

I decided what I really wanted out of our re-imagined invitations was that “handmade” look because, really -- that’s what our wedding was.  It was handmade in our backyard.  Our friends were the band, and the DJ, and the officiant, and the coordinators.  We handmade our wedding so our re-imagined suites needed to have that feel.   

Finally, following our theme, I went with basic kraft paper envelopes and designed a liner that pulled the suite together.  

Also, if I had it my way, the wind would’ve stayed away and I would’ve created some pretty, custom illustrations for each table to go with our rustic, vintage-y vibe.

All in all, this was a really fun little memory project.  If you’re interested in calligraphy or my design services, check out our Wedding Services page.  We would love to work with you! 

And remember - have fun on your wedding day.  Be you!  The details help pull your vision together, but how you enjoy the day is what you'll always remember.

A Colorful Showcase Painting for Jeff + Andrew


When one of my best friends from high school asked me to paint a showcase piece for his new place, I of course said yes!  Jeff just moved in with his sweet boyfriend Andrew and created a dreamy and super stylish apartment full of deep grays, blues, and hints of yellow.  Basically, some of my favorite color combinations.  


Jeff and Andrew wanted a big piece over the main part of their living space.  And as big Columbus fans, they drew in a lot of inspiration in from the city.  After talking through some ideas for the piece, I moved away from watercolor for once and bought a giant canvas for the occasion.  I hadn’t worked this large since college and it was such a fun and freeing project.  


I used a couple Columbus skyline references and took a mixed media approach to completing this piece, trying to pull in as much of those base colors in their decor as I could to really tie the room together.  

After a few coats of acrylic as a base, I switched to oil paint, some graphite, and then a few layers of oil pastel and there might even be some white spray paint in there.  It was a fun experimentation.  Thank you to Jeff and Andrew for allowing me some creative freedom.  


We hung this up Thursday afternoon, stepped back and wow -- it really brightens up the space.  Such a fun project!  


Jeff and Andrew, enjoy!

If you’re looking for custom show-stopper, please get in touch.  I’d love to work with you.  


A Shout Out to Girl Power

Blog Templates_Final-24.jpg
Art Frame Layout-01.jpg

I wanted to highlight a new art print coming to the Limn House Shop.  This one is really special to me.  I think I’ve redesigned the text about 7 times now, I just wanted this design to shine!   The prose is a sweet sweet poem I wrote a few months ago that really strikes a key to my heart about empowerment and going after your dreams.  I get discouraged entirely too often.  I find it easy to compare myself to other women in my field and feel like I’m lacking.  I become discouraged when I have 100 more steps to take before I can reach the next big goal.  And I often feel envious about where someone else is on their journey.  I have to remind myself that I can chase my dreams and have big goals, continue on this path and celebrate how far I've come on this journey, right here and right now.  We need to trust and empower ourselves to keep going and rock it on our own paths, our own journeys, ladies! 

The print is available for pre-order in the Limn House shop (as well as the new line of greeting cards and art prints).  New products will begin to ship mid-August.  Have a fantastic Tuesday and continue diving after your dreams!


New Illustrated Greetings Arriving in the Shop

In the aftermaths of a bunch of client work, I’m finally catching up on finalizing a handful of new shop products.  I have several new cards and art prints coming to the shop at the beginning of August!

If you follow along on Instagram, I’ve been sharing my progress on some of these designs as they’ve come into fruition.  The designs themselves are a culmination of a lot of different experiences I've been working through the past few months and new illustration techniques I've been experimenting with.  Look forward to a new blog post coming soon about some of these techniques which include a combination of traditional watercolor and digital painting.  For now, take a look at these new goodies.  Please join our newsletter for the shop update announcement at the beginning of the month!


Find Universal Signs In Your Life

One thing I’m considerably bad at is making really concrete decisions and following them through.  My husband can attest to this.  It takes me time to iron out all of the little details until it finally “feels” right, and sometimes I question the final decisions over and over again, constantly looking for other options, other ideas and never actually settling in.  But, those are extreme cases, sometimes I just feel the good decisions in my bones and know my way forward.  And I’m a big cheesy believer in universal signs that help guide life’s decisions.  

When I was in high school, I dragged my mom to about 8 or 9 colleges, evaluating each one, getting the feel for their art programs, costs, college life, dorms, environments, proximity to home, ironing all of those details and weighing them against one another.  I ended up applying to about 4 schools, was accepted to all of them with scholarships, but just couldn’t decide between two of them.  I was taking a Saturday class at one of the schools before my final enrollment decision was due. The studio building was basically a giant warehouse on the edge of campus that had windows spiraling the building and viewing out towards downtown Columbus.  I had been there many many times, but in this instance, I went to the bathroom, peered through the small window in that room and there it was: a giant billboard with the words “if you’re looking for sign this is it”.  Of course, it was an advertisement for the billboard, but it was staring me in the face and suddenly my decision felt lighter, airy.  I didn’t choose that school immediately in that moment, but I did eventually.  That very literal sign still resonates with me when I make big decisions today.

The past couple of months have included some of the most challenging decisions in my life.  I can’t say that I’m completely settled in, but I can say that I’m finally feeling good and grounded.  I was in a yoga class on Saturday and during a meditation, the instructor guided us to find one word that described how we felt in that moment and the first word that came to my mind was “steady”.  That’s really how I feel -- steady.  Steady in my decisions and not constantly questioning them anymore.  

After noticing a lot of little signs that led me to ultimately make the big decision to jump towards Limn House full time, I began noticing a sweet pair of cardinals chirping outside my office window for weeks on end.  They hung around our back patio, chirping in the trees, perching on the chair outside my office window everyday, popping up when I needed an encouraging reminder.  After seeing them so often, I read a little bit about cardinal symbolism. Their bright red color reminds us to stand taller and step into our natural confidence and to find light and hope in the dark days and energy in the bright days.  I needed that symbol of hope those few weeks when I felt so low.  Recently, I’ve noticed the pair hasn’t been hanging around here, but I haven’t needed them. They’ve moved on to inspire someone else.

As I’ve been building up new products for my shop, these experiences have been small reminders to have faith in my decisions.  I created a few new cards to reflect on universal signs and offer encouragement, which I hope you enjoy.  They’ll be in the Limn House shop at the beginning of August.  Join our mailing list for our our product launch announcement!

What universal signs have you experienced?